Buying a Business

Why own a small business? It is the best way to become financially independent and wealthy. In fact there are currently over 22 million small businesses in the U. S. that generate close to a trillion dollars in revenue every year. These business range from restaurants to franchisees, professional services, retail shops, liquor stores, convenience stores, and business services. Over 2 million of these small businesses are sold every year to motivated individuals with the desire to be successful. More wealth is created from small businesses vs. working for a paycheck.

Your motivation for owning a business may be a secondary source of income, desire to live at the beach, change of career, semi-retirement or living the America Dream. Once you have determined that owning a small business is right for you, taking the next correct steps can make all the difference in the world. We have seen on numerous occasions where a buyer and seller have concluded a transaction without the advice and counsel of business professionals such as a business broker, lawyer, and accountants, only to run into future problems that could have been avoided. That’s why we offer our free special report on The 10 Biggest Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make When Buying A Small Business.

I had the privilege recently of meeting with a previous client who purchased a retail store from one of our listings ten years ago. As we were reminiscing, this client reminded me of how using our business buying services created a smooth stress free transaction that allowed them to focus on transitioning the business and planning their growth strategy. We held their hand through the whole transaction; eliminating costly mistakes. From the small retail store, the new owners grew into over $10 million in annual revenue and are now looking for their own retirement and guess who is representing them to sell their retail store.

As you browse our businesses for sale listings, be aware that each of these businesses produce cash flow, but have many other variables that impact purchase price such as inventory, real estate, goodwill, customer contract, financing and much more. No two transactions are alike, but our 15 + years of experience and knowledge will provide you with not only the factual information to make a great decision, but all the local insight that can be the difference. Working with the #1 Business brokers in the Emerald Coast, South Walton Business Brokers professional team will help you navigate the process for a successful result.